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For more than 20 years, rmc has been offering strategic and financing consulting services to companies in the field of film & television production, distribution, radio, cinema and new media.
Our clients encompass a wide range of media companies as well as important media institutions such as both German and international film subsidies, NGOs and governmental institutions.
We are a nationally renowned and established partner of important
- private owned banks (such as Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Commerzbank,),
- governmental owned banks (KfW, IBSA, and NRW.BANK) and
- private equity companies.
The consultants of rmc proffer specialized economical expertise, focusing on specific media market knowledge and extensive practical experiences.
Whether you are a film producer or an enterprise like Warner Bros. - we take care of your needs regarding financing and strategic issues.

Find out what makes us an interesting partner to you. We are looking forward to talking to you personally.
Our services focus on the following six target groups:

- film & TV producers, distributors, sales companies
- cinema operators
- broadcaster, music, games & new media
- banks, private & institutional investors
- policy makers, NGOs, administrative departments, subsidies

Thanks to our extensive industry know-how we are capable of designing a solution tailored to your needs – be it in the media, cultural or creative industry.